The Incumbent War-Chest?

 When challenging an incumbent, you have to consider the campaign war-chest.  This is the massive amount of campaign funds that have been raised over the last several years by the incumbent that has been getting ready for election since the last election.  For example, in the Republican Primary for the 28th District Delegate, Susan Stimpson is challenging Bill Howell, the incumbent.  According to the latest campaign finance reports (all public information at Susan Stimpson has raised $23,000 for the campaign.  In contrast, Bill Howell has raised $135,000 for the campaign.  Mostly this is because Bill Howell has been preparing for this campaign since the last election.  However, in the campaign for Stafford’s Commonwealth Attorney, the massive Eric Olsen war-chest is nothing to fear.  Currently, the Eric Olsen campaign has exactly $41.29 on hand to run the 2015 campaign.  It is also worth mentioning that the campaign is still in debt from the 2011 campaign.  The committee still owes Mr. Daniel Chichester $5,000 from a personal loan made back in September of 2011.  So Eric Olsen is starting out the campaign in the hole to the tune of about $4,958.71.  Our first campaign numbers are not due until the end of the month.  We have been reaching out to several of past donors but running a campaign is not cheap.  Please consider making a donation to our campaign right now – the PayPal button will take you right where you need to go.  You can also send a message to Eric that you support Justice in the Stafford County Courthouse by making a donation of more than $100.00 to ensure that your name gets on the future report.  For more information please email me at or call/text me at 540-446-3146
Jason M. Pelt