Message To Law Enforcement

Change is not something that everyone will freely embrace. As I seek to become Stafford’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, I hope to gain your support. Over the last several years, I have developed a reputation as a vigorous defense litigator and hardworking counselor. I know that many Stafford County Deputies trust me as a fair and honest attorney because in times of need, you have graced my office door for assistance. There is no greater honor bestowed on me than seeing a Deputy come to me for help with their personal legal issues. I have worked hard for many of you and I will continue that practice of service as your Commonwealth’s Attorney. As a defense counselor, I “win” cases because of the facts. If the facts do not support the charge then I “win” the case. No criminal case should be brought before the court that is not supported by the facts. As your Commonwealth’s Attorney I want to help you in your arrests and investigations. I want the office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney to respect you as a law enforcement professional. Attorneys that work for me will listen to your opinions on each and every case. If there is a particular reason that a “great” deal needs to cut with a particular defendant, I’m ready to listen to you – you know the case. I have seen the current Commonwealth’s Attorney disrespect deputies in the courtroom in front of the judges and defense counsel. Once again you are professionals and the Commonwealth’s Attorney needs to treat our law enforcement office with the upmost respect and courtesies.

Current Stafford Assistance and Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorneys need not fear change as well. In 2011 there was a rumor spread by my opponent that if I won I was going to fire everyone. Even if that was possible (which it is not) I would never even consider such an action. I want to be part of your team. I have worked with you and I know that many of you are frustrated with current leadership. I would like to see each Assistant and Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney be free to run their cases without being second guessed or micromanaged. Instead of you working for the “boss”, I propose the leadership style of how can I support you and your cases. I know that you have colleagues in other jurisdictions that work in a positive and supportive Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Offices. Together let’s create that same work place, that same level of professionalism, and the same level of trust in Stafford – let’s make Stafford a great place to live and work.